Family Law

The abip team has experienced family law professionals to assist in understanding and resolving financial issues that impact the division of marital assets. While a divorce is always a difficult time in people’s lives, we work with clients to help them come to a fair resolution with as little trauma as possible. We accomplish this by providing clear and transparent support.

Did You Know?

In a contested divorce, spouses often obtain separate business appraisals. Appraiser’s fighting in court over differing values will increase the cost of the divorce. In a “collaborative/non-contested divorce” if a couple jointly appoints only one appraiser who works as a neutral party, it more likely to produce a fair, independent opinion of value. This can save significant money for both spouses. If you are in a non-contested divorce, you can refer abip to the court, if agreed to by both parties, to be the couple’s independent business appraiser.

Some of Our Family Law Services Include

  • Asset Tracing & Characterization
  • Business Valuations
  • Present Value Pension Calculations
  • Reimbursement Claims
  • Tax Issues

Call Us

We can explain the process and review options for you to consider. Our firm is sensitive to the emotional issues that are occurring in a divorce process and will work with you to make this event go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Anthony DeBenedictis can be reached at (713) 350-2472 or