Simplify, Streamline & Analyze

Let abip help you get the information needed to run your organization. Accounting is the backbone of any company. It provides the data needed to manage costs, examine profit margins and forecast when and how to refine operations. Our firm can take the burden of accounting out of your hands.

Consider Outsourcing Your Accounting

We provide flexible options, ranging from complete outsourcing to staff oversight and when needed, acting as your part-time or fractional financial executive.

Our Accounting Services Include:

  • Oversight of In-house Staff
  • Outsourcing Select Accounting Functions
  • Complete Accounting Outsourcing
  • Supporting Your In-house CFO/Controller
  • Fractional CFO/Controllership
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Analysis of Financial Results
  • Forecasts, Cash Flow & Budgets
  • Coordination of Payroll
  • Managing AP & AR Processing
  • Customized Management Reporting


  • Preparing Management Reports
  • Managing Daily Business Transactions
  • Coordinating Payroll Processing & Benefits Administration
  • Handling Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Completing Bank & Other Account Reconciliations
  • Preparing Sales & Payroll Tax Filings
  • Providing Fractional, Part-time CFO or Controller Leadership
  • QuickBooks Support & System Upgrades


  • Audits, Reviews, & Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Federal, State & Local Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax Strategies & Specialty Tax Credits
  • Personal Tax Returns, Estate Plans & Trusts


Maintaining your financial records is one step. Helping refine your business, adapt to new processes, address changing technology, evaluate risk and work toward achieving your goal is a vital part of our firm. Every organization evolves. As they move through their business lifecycle, their needs change and external items such as competition or regulatory issues may require them to adapt how they operate.

Did You Get In Business To Do Accounting?

Stay focused on what you do best. Eliminate the need to hire, train, manage or fire accounting professionals. Let abip do what we do best, while you stay focused on providing the services or creating the products that you are an expert in. Our accounting outsourcing is provided locally and not sourced to another country.

Take Action

If you feel you should be getting more out of your business, the solution may start with the data being created in your accounting systems. Let our team review your accounting, reports and processes. Michael Landers can be reached at (713) 350-2453 or