ABIP’s membership with this organization provides us access to 29,000 accounting, tax and audit professionals in over 100 countries. When a unique need arises that requires very specialized advice, an understanding of local tax or financial statement standards, or if you have a location in another part of the United States or somewhere else in the world we can help. This affiliation provides our clients the depth of one of the largest firms in the world on an as needed basis. CPAConnect provides the ABIP team peer networking opportunities and training on a wide variety of topics specific to the United States and when you need to cross borders or oceans to conduct business.

International Referral provides depth with professionals in other industries globally. Members that we affiliate with include law firms with specific niche expertise in either industries and/or service areas through the globe. The ABIP team can utilize specialized consultants, brokers, and other professionals as needed. Through our interaction with this group of professionals we gain knowledge and exposure into different disciplines that we can bring to your business. International Referral has representation in 140 plus jurisdictions and in over 70 unique practice areas.

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